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Testimonials and Transformation

Have you ever wondered how those professional coaches you admire, are getting such AMAZING results for their clients? And charging so much? 

And how they run their coaching sessions so smoothly and on time?

👉 If you have, then this micro-course is for you.

It will Show You EXACTLY how to be the best coach for your clients and how to create consistent transformation with your clients.

This is the fastest way to learn how to show up as a professional coach. 
(Perfect For Digital Startup Business Owners, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and anyone taking clients through a transformation). Coaching training like this can cost from £250 - £3000.

This is the perfect jump start mini course into online coaching for ALL new coaches.

Why have I made this course?

👉 I have created this micro-course (under 2 hrs of training ~ with lifetime access) because so many of my clients are 'new online coaches' who struggle with their coaching sessions and getting results for their clients.

👉 It's because no one before me, has ever shown them 'How to be a coach' in real life.

👉 Because they all have incredible experience and knowledge to share with the world - but do not know how to deliver sessions and get real transformation for their clients, yet.
And without the transformations to shout about, they cannot attract more new clients.
I show you how to get testimonials easily without 'asking for the testimonial'
or feeling icky about it :).

This mini course teaches you how to do just that.

Does this sound like you?

👉 Easily led or distracted by your client  
👉 Not charging enough for your coaching sessions as you don't feel confident in your abilities
👉 Give away too much time or service for what you are charging
👉 Working hard with clients but don't know how to get the results nor how to ask for a testimonial 
👉 Not able to get to the point in sessions easily
👉 Spending WAY too long on coaching calls
👉 Don't know how to end a coaching call confidently so you let them run on and regret it afterwards.
👉 Have no idea of how to properly control your own coaching sessions.


* How to show up as a professional coach in your business
* How to get the results you and your client desire
* How to respect & utilise both you and your clients time.


👉  Bite Size modules that you give you specific answers.


👉  For game play - if you complete ALL the modules and earn your Engagement Points inside this micro course (there's not many modules, and I really want you to learn this stuff so you can go from being an amateur coach to a Professional coach) ~  you UNLOCK a secret extra bonus module.

Only for those that devour ALL of my content.

So to recap...
This course is for you if you are a online coach or online service based business who has been up and running but you are not able to control your sessions as much as you'd like to - OR if you are not seeing the client transformations that you should be by now. You're done with playing it small! OR if you want to know how to get more testimonials!!

Can't wait to get crackin' on this with you!

Fist bump from afar,

Remi O Digital  - The Business Startup

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