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The Repurposing Workshop🔁

Welcome to The Repurposing Content Workshop!

This is a 90 min workshop with Q&A at the end.
This workshop was recorded live.

Insider We cover:

Workshop One:  How to turn Text content into 15 pieces of new content 
Workshop Two:  How to turn Video content into 15 pieces of new content 

This is a really great workshop for getting your content into more places to reach more people, who you can attract and bring into your world as buyers!



🎈"I really want to attend this workshop but can't make this time, will there be a replay?" 
Answer: Yes! It's inside the members portal and you have lifetime access

🎈"What do I get out of this workshop and how will it help me"? 
Answer: You will learn how to repurpose your content for maximum exposure.
You will learn the exact steps you need to take to create muiltiple pieces of content, with ease.
This is great for any business owner who wants to reach more people online and grow their business.

🎈"Where will I be able to watch this workshop?" 
Answer: after the live recording, inside the members portal.

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