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Online Course - Review and Audit

Your course just isn't selling 😭.
It's a brilliant course and you spent so much time and energy on creating it.
But no one is buying it. And you don't know why?

You're feeling frustrated that people aren't buying it as much as you'd have liked.

And the few who have brought it... haven't even finished it 🙈.

So you feel stuck as you can't ask them for a review or testimonial to help sell more places.

You feel like something might be wrong with your course. But you can't see it yourself.
Like it's somehow not connecting the way it should.

You'd love an expert pair of outside eyes on it, to help you figure out what's going on with your course and how you can get more people to buy it!

This is a full course review, audit with recommendations to improve your course.

This is a deep dive!
You get my professional course producer eyes on your course.

What is covered:

☑️We will review your course model
☑️Review course outcome
☑️Review your course offer
☑️Review the customer journey & experience
☑️Deep dive into your course content
☑️Review your sales page

👉🏾You'll receive a full Report.
👉🏾Course improvements
👉🏾Tech recommendations.

All you have to do is provide access to your course and await your report.

Once purchased we aim to turnaround your review within 5 working days.
You'll be provided with a delivery date after purchased.

This offer is non refundable due to the time and work involved.

4 Modules

Welcome To Your Course Review

What you need to send me

Your course review and recommendations

What's next?

Modules for this product 4

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