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In simple terms - "We help you make more money, whilst working less at your desk".

Remi Oduyemi Business Coach Tech

Hi, I'm Remi founder and CEO of the Temple. Your success is our passion.
As a Business & Tech Consultant with over 15years experience... I know the subject of business really well & so does the OBT team.
I am an experienced entrepreneur, a girl mum, a puppy mum and a creative and an educator.
I also am a tech goddess (aptly named by a group member). 
I'm a bit of a unicorn as I merge both business and tech experience to deliver high level services.

Whether you're big, small or somewhere in between our services are all about saving you time and increasing income-generating opportunities. By creating efficient systems, automation & organisation, so that you can level-up your business.

Are you ready to Remove the chaos and streamline your business?

Think of us as your business partner in crime. We’ll take the time to understand you and your business in order to create a process that works for your specific needs.

Why do more work when you don’t have to? Together, let’s create an automated process to minimize the amount of mundane tasks that need to happen.

Watch your business thrive knowing we’re here for you every step of the way. We provide guidance when you need it, you take all the credit. Sounds like a win-win to us!

We Measure your results so that you can scale to your definition of success.

You can enter the Temple at different stages of business:

🛕 Building a business >> Join the OBT Club
🛕 Growing your business >> Book a 1:1 Work With Me
🛕 Scaling your business >> Join the OBT Scaling Experience

You can also grab your OBT Notebook here.


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